VIVA Idea and Social Finance Academy came together to develop a free and actionable course on: “Access to Impact Investment for Social Enterprises”.

A course that allows social entrepreneurs from all over the world to speak “social finance” and prepares them for successful access to impact investors.

The course consists of 8 modules and follows a theoretical-practical framework that covers the main challenges throughout the “life cycle” of a social enterprise from a financial perspective: going through the definition of the theory of change through the investment until the management of activities after the investment. One of the main focuses of the course is to increase the confidence and ability of social entrepreneurs to attract investors successfully.


  • 18-stage framework to access impact investment
  • How to prepare for the investment
  • Choose the right financial instrument
  • Address the impact investor
  • Sign the investment contract
  • Establish lasting relationships with the investor
  • Avoid the change of mission
  • Prepare for the next investment

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