ICIMOD is pleased to launch the ICT Awards for Mountain Development that recognizes innovations in information technology and communications for development (TICD) that can help promote mountain development and environmental conservation. The awards will be announced on International Mountain Day this December 11, 2018.

Although ICT for development is increasingly used around the world, even in some parts of the Himalayan Hindu Kush (HKH) region, we still do not have a complete picture of its use, application and proliferation in the mountain context of HKH. The Annual ICT Award for Mountain Development would allow us and others working in this area to learn where, how and what is being done in the region in terms of ICT and mountain development. It will also help the different thematic programs to create partnerships and support the work of others in the region using ICT as an additional enabler for mountain development. The award reflects the importance that ICIMOD places on this emerging area of ​​ICT for development and gives continuity to ICIMOD’s efforts in this area.

The prizes will be awarded in several categories. For this year, there will be prizes in the four current thematic work areas of ICIMOD (livelihoods, water and air, ecosystem services and geospatial solutions). There could also be other categories such as “prize for the election of the public” and / or “prize for special mentions”. While applicants must choose one of the general categories, including “others”, they can focus on a specific work area when making the presentation, for example, mountain agriculture, disaster management, forestry, environment, mountain tourism, open data, inclusion, etc. The same work can not be sent in multiple categories.

Application deadline: November 30, 2018

Nominations are made online at http://www.icimod.org/?q=13812

For more information visit the official site Here

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