The ITF is a participatory grant fund, and they adopt an activist leadership strategy that engages trans people in our support grant process. This means that trans people actively participate in each stage, from determining funding priorities to evaluating requests and making decisions about which groups receive support.

The ITF priorities for this support cycle are:

  • Support a diversity of groups, including regions, languages, gender and other identities, strategies and issues.
  • Prioritize trans communities that face the highest levels of marginalization.
  • Support trans groups whose work is intersectional and contributes to social justice, the construction of the movement and the
  • liberation of trans people.
  • Most of the support will range between US $ 10,000 and US $ 30,000. Supports of up to $ 50,000 can be considered under special circumstances. We do not accept applications for funds over $ 50,000 or less than $ 5,000

To be eligible, groups must meet the following requirements:

  • Have trans leadership
  • Have an operating budget of less than $ 150,000 USD.
  • Being a group of people (Individual applications are not accepted).
  • To have the main focus of the work to benefit the trans community.
  • Contribute to the construction of the movement, not only offer direct services.

To promote access for all groups, the ITF receives requests by video. This option is limited to organizations that can not write an application in English, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese or Spanish, but can submit a better application spoken in one of those languages. We require some information in writing to make sure that the process is fair. All requests need to answer the same questions. Please answer them in order. Some parts of the information we need can not be delivered so easily spoken. Therefore, we will also need some parts of the information to be delivered in writing in one of the five languages ​​of our applications.

The video has a maximum of 10 minutes. Please use .mp4 and .mov formats. We appreciate and encourage video recording in the “selfie” style. You can record yourself looking directly at your smartphone, tablet (tablet) or computer, while talking about the work of your organization. No special effects, labels or editing work are required. We will not accept videos where we can not see who is speaking on behalf of the organization.

Application deadline: December 1, 2018

For more information visit the official site Here

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