The Green Gown 2019 International Awards recognize the best initiatives for Outstanding Sustainability of universities in the world. Therefore, the awards are considered the most prestigious recognition of the best sustainability practices in the education sector.

And of course, they provide benchmarks of excellence, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, they have the support of the UN, national governments and educational bodies.

Categories of Exceptional Sustainability Awards
Applications can be made in the following categories:

  • Community participation: Initiatives that show social interest and positive impacts, this category includes activities to exchange academic and student knowledge with communities.
  • Students and employees: Participatory work between students and employees, which generate impact and influence.

Therefore, this category includes awareness and communication campaigns; volunteer activities and community projects, among others.

  • Institution of the year in sustainability: This category recognizes the commitment and impact of the institution to become a sustainable organization.

Therefore, it includes leadership and governance, states and operations, learning, teaching and research and commitment to society.

Deadline for application: January 31, 2019

To Apply

Higher education institutions and training institutions can participate by competence and skills throughout the world.
Among other aspects, the applicant institutions must:
Demonstrate the impact of any measure taken through documented and quantitative data.
In addition, they must include objectives that are relevant to their application, costs, and the resources used.

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