Do you think you could optimize the design of a Google Data Center? How about scheduling a drone fleet to make deliveries around the world? Resolve a Google engineering problem during Hash Code, our programming competency team. Are you ready for the challenge?

Hash Code is a computer programming competition, organized by Google, for students and professionals from around the world. You choose your equipment and programming language and we select an engineering problem for you to solve. This year’s contest starts with an online qualification round, where your team can compete from anywhere you want, including one of our hash code centers. The best teams will be invited to a Google office for the Final Round.

The prize money specified reflects the amount each person will receive from the winning team.
Team Rank Award Money per participant
1st place: US $ 4,000 USD
2nd place: US $ 2,000 USD
3rd place: US $ 1,000 USD

Application deadline: February 25, 2019

For more information visit the official site Here

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