AArk has offered grants since 2009 and in the past these have been mainly seed grants, for newly created ex situ programs, for species that have been assessed as needing urgent ex situ rescue.

In 2018, our Grants program has been expanded to include a wider range of types of programs that are eligible for funding, as well as some new guidelines and requirements for grant recipients. Download the guidelines here.
We will be accepting funding requests for the following types of grants as of March 1, 2019:

  • Start-up grants – funds to help newly-launched projects attract more and long-term funding for the duration of the program. We will not fund projects that are already well established or have significant financing, although we will consider projects with financing for complementary components (such as field work or education). Grants are up to US $ 5,000. Recipients can apply for second and third year extension grants.
  • Extension of start-up grants – additional funds that are available to provide ongoing support to AArk seed or start-up grants that a) have met their established objectives for the first year, and b) can show that additional funds have been secured for years two and three. The winners of AArk grants in 2016 and 2017 are eligible to apply for these extensions. Grants are up to US $ 4,000 for year 2 and US $ 3,000 for year 3.
  • Assistance to workshops – partial funding to help attend workshops related to the conservation of ex situ amphibians, especially those that focus on breeding, planning and reintroducing amphibians. Applicants must already have obtained partial funding to attend the workshop. They must actively participate in an amphibian conservation project or have well-developed plans and funding to implement a new program. Grants of up to US $ 750 are available.
  • Mentoring Grants – support for organizations that have previously received a Seed or Start Grant from AArk, to bring in an external expert designated to assist with one aspect of their amphibian conservation efforts (eg, veterinary training, environmental monitoring, etc.) .). There are grants of up to US $ 1,500 available.
  • Emergency Grants – Limited funds are available for past recipients of AArk Grants throughout the year for emergency situations such as emergency rescue of wild populations facing an imminent threat of extinction, unexpected failure of main equipment in existing ex situ programs, etc.

Application deadline: May 1, 2019

For more information visit the official site Here

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