The World Cup of Entrepreneurship (EWC) is more than a global launch competition with an opportunity to win life changing prizes. With 100,000 participants from around the world, EWC raises entrepreneurs, providing tools and resources to grow your business. No matter how far you have come: idea stage, early stage, growth stage or beyond, EWC can put you on the right track. Take advantage of world-class content at the EWC Accelerator to: unleash your ideas, refine your launch skills and participate with a global network of mentors. And, oh yeah, compete for those life-changing prizes, along with business and investment opportunities.

The value proposition of EWC has to do with all the experience: training, resources, connections, tutoring and more. But on top of that, we have a lot of impressive awards, up to a total of US $ 5 million, with dozens of cash prizes, investment opportunities and incredible resources and benefits from our leading partners.

5 stages of participation:

  1. Accelerate 1
  2. National competences
  3. Accelerate 2
  4. Global finals
  5. Post-EWC support

Deadline for application: May 31, 2019

For more information visit the official site Here

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