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Professionals with a human sense and commitment to the academic and competitive development of the region, the country and the world

During the last quarter of 2015 and in 2016, Systems Engineer Carlos Arturo Blandón Jaramillo, who was a research professor at several educational institutions in the coffee-growing region of Colombia, proposed the creation of a web portal in which It is possible that all people could use the experience and knowledge gathered during all the years of work accumulated in the course of our lives, so began an enriching experience that allowed to condense in a common bank all the material of work, Presentations, tricks learned during the tour of the various jobs we perform, templates created to optimize work activities, etc.

Under the premise that knowledge must be universal, without restrictions of age, race, sex, creed or nationality, we intend to share this knowledge bank with the people to whom it may be useful, therefore it is intended to give access to the material and Provide the advisory service in case it is required for its implementation.

We are motivated by the teachings of the sacred scriptures, the healthy coexistence, and the fact of not passing through life without contributing to society and people in general a grain of sand in their professional performance and personal development, we have as premise of life That the secret of an existence in communion with humanity is to give without expecting anything change of what we have, not what we have left.



Collaborators of the Progrezando.com

Abstract resumePositionEmail
Carlos Arturo Blandón JaramilloSystems Engineer, Specialist in Project Development Management, Master in Software Project Management and Development - Expert in ISO 17024Director of research[email protected]
Alexander López SarmientoPublic Health Technician, Social Work StudentResearch Assistant[email protected]
Francisco Luis Giraldo MoralesIndustrial Engineer, Project Specialist, Diploma in Education and PedagogyResearch[email protected]
María del Carmen Cardona LoaizaBusiness AdministratorResearch[email protected]
Laura Vanessa Moreno PinedaCommercial Engineer, Master's Degree in Financial AdministrationResearch[email protected]
Jorge William Otalvaro QuinteroBusiness administratorCommercial[email protected]
Liliana MartínezSystems Engineer - Expert in ISO 27001Researcher[email protected]
Jose Alexander RodriguezEnvironmental Engineer - Mag. Ecotechnology - Phd in Soils and Plant NutritionResearch[email protected]

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