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Area of ​​Knowledge


The magicRhonda ByrneSpanishPsychological, Reflection, Personal GrowthPersonal growth
Formative assessment, communication skills and ICT in Initial Teacher EducationRosario Romero-Martín & Francisco-Javier Castejón-Oliva & Víctor-Manuel López-Pastor & Antonio Fraile-ArandaSpanishFormative assessment, graduate, higher education, skills communicative, teacher training, university students, university teacherEducation
Praise of madnessErasmo de RotterdamSpanishReflectionPersonal growth
Man's Search for MeaningViktor E. FranklSpanishSelf-help, Reflection, Society and Culture, ValuesPersonal growth
The leader who was not in chargeRobin SharmaSpanishSelf-help, Reflection, Personal GrowthPersonal growth
The art of not bittering your lifeRafael SantandreuSpanishSelf-help, Meditation, Psychological, Reflection, Personal OvercomingPersonal growth
Gratitude DiaryMar del cerroSpanishReflection, Personal Growth, ValuesPersonal growth
AwakeAnthony de MelloSpanishSpirituality, Meditation, Reflection, Personal GrowthPersonal growth
From animals to godsYuval Noah HarariSpanishNatural Sciences, Essay, Historynatural Sciences
Discover your passion changes everythingKen RobinsonSpanishPersonal Growth, ValuesPersonal growth
When everything collapsesPema ChodronSpanishSelf-help, Self-improvement, valuesPersonal growth
Crime and PunishmentFiódor DostoyevskiSpanishNovel, PsychologyPsychology
CourageOSHOSpanishReflection, Personal GrowthPersonal Growth
Compass for emotional boatersElsa PunsetSpanishPsychology, Reflection, Self-improvement, ValuesPsychology
Liquid ModernityZygmunt BaumanSpanishReflection, Society and social sciences, society and cultureSocial Sciences
Enough of storiesAndrés OppenheimerSpanishSocial Sciences, Economics, EducationSocial Sciences
Learn to loveOSHOSpanishMeditation, Self-improvement, ValuesPersonal Growth
The art of living: as taught by S.N. GoenkaWilliam HartSpanishMeditation, Personal GrowthPersonal Growth
Fifty Shades of GreyE. L. JamesSpanishNovelNovel
Ami, the child of the starsEnrique BarriosSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Esoteric treatise of hermetic astrologySamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Ami returnsEnrique BarriosSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Yes: there is hell, devil and karmaSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, SpiritualitySpiritism
Introduction to gnosisSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, PsychologySpiritism
Treaty of occult medicine and practical magicSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, Alternative MedicineSpiritism
Beyond deathSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, SpiritualitySpiritism
The mysteries of fireSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
The solar bodiesSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
The book of God is loveEnrique BarriosSpanishSpiritism, SpiritualitySpiritism
The three mountainsSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, SpiritualitySpiritism
The dissolution of the selfSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, PsychologySpiritism
Universal charitySamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, Meditation, ReflectionSpiritism
Being one # 6 - Lemurians sirenFranca Rosa Canonico de SchrammSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Being one # 4 - Astral DisciplinesFranca Rosa Canonico de SchrammSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Being one # 3 - The Seramites the way backFranca Rosa Canonico de SchrammSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Being one # 2 - The guardians of teraFranca Rosa Canonico de SchrammSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Being one # 1 - The arcana of thothFranca Rosa Canonico de SchrammSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Being one # 5 - The intra-terrestrials, the city of glassFranca Rosa Canonico de SchrammSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
The perfect marriageSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
The book of the deadSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Zodiacal CourseSamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Gnostic anthropologySamael Aun WeorSpanishSpiritism, Spirituality, ReflectionSpiritism
Ami 3Enrique BarriosSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
The wonderful universe of magicEnrique BarriosSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
CMMI for Development, Version 1.3SEISpanishReference Framework, ModelSystems engineer
Cloud computing challenges and opportunitiesNational Telecommunications Observatory and the SISpanishCloud ComputingSystems engineer
Circular 5 of the National Directorate of CopyrightNational Directorate of CopyrightSpanishNational Policy, CopyrightLaw
Mathematical Circus IntroductionMartin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 9Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 8Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 7Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 6Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 5Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 4Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 3Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 20Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 2Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 19Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 18Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 17Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 16Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 15Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 14Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 13Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 12Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 11Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 10Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Mathematical Circus Cap 1Martin GardnerSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Catalog of Angels Investors NetworksMinistry of Commerce, Industry and TourismSpanishCompany Creation, Entrepreneurship, ResearchKnowledge Management
Catalog of Private Equity Funds in ColombiaMinistry of Commerce, Industry and TourismSpanishCompany Creation, Entrepreneurship, ICT Sector StudiesKnowledge Management
Success Story of the CORONA OrganizationMaría Helena Gómez Gómez; Carolina Saavedra Pedroza; Martha Lucia Santana; Luz Stella Ríos; Mauricio GómezSpanishKnowledge ManagementKnowledge Management
Characterization software production coffee triangleLuis Joyanes Aguilar & Albeiro Cuesta Meza & Marcelo López TrujiloSpanishIT Sector Studies, ColombiaSystems engineer
The Hidden Face of Borland CIan MarteensSpanishLanguage C, ProgrammingSystems engineer
Calculation Leithold 7th EditionLouis LeitholdSpanishCalculationEngineering
Cabling Standard ANSI TIA EIA 569 AQuandang Dung GroupEnglishNetworksSystems engineer
Beginning SQL Server 2012 For Developers 3rd EditionRobin DewsonEnglishDatabases, SQLSystems engineer
Databases with SQL Server 2000 Transct SQLJorge MoratallaSpanishDatabasesSystems engineer
DatabasesUOC Postgraduate TrainingSpanishDatabasesSystems engineer
Oracle 10G DatabaseORACLESpanishDatabases, OracleSystems engineer
Attribute-Driven Design (ADD), Version 2.0Rob WojcikEnglishSoftware ArchitectureSystems engineer
Enterprise Architecture: Vision, Value Proposal and Experiences in AdoptionJorge AriasSpanishBusiness ArchitectureBusiness Administration
Distributed Systems Architecture # 1Luis Emilio LinaresSpanishSoftware architecture, Distributed systemsSystems engineer
Distributed Systems Architecture # 3Luis Emilio LinaresSpanishSoftware architecture, Distributed systemsSystems engineer
Distributed Systems Architecture # 2Luis Emilio LinaresSpanishSoftware architecture, Distributed systemsSystems engineer
Architecture of Distributed Operating SystemsFernando Pérez CostoyaSpanishSoftware architecture, Distributed systems, Operating systemsSystems engineer
Architecture of Distributed SystemsRoberto Gómez CárdenasSpanishSoftware architecture, Distributed systemsSystems engineer
Architectural Blueprints—The “4+1” View Model of Software ArchitecturePhilippe KruchtenEnglishSoftware ArchitectureSystems engineer
What is spiritualism?Allan KardecSpanishSpiritismSpiritism
Is philosophy a useless science?Rafael Resendiz RamírezSpanishPhilosophyPhilosophy
Learning UML in 24 hoursJoseph SchmullerSpanishUMLSystems engineer
Learning to think about problem solvingMarino VillegasSpanishCalculation, MathematicsMathematics
Learn Linux As if you were in FirstHigher School of Industrial Engineers of San SebastianSpanishLinux, Operating SystemsSystems engineer
Learn to Think Like a Programmer with PhytonAllen DowneySpanishPhyton, ProgrammingSystems engineer
Applications of Differential EquationsGloria Aguilar & Natalia Boal & Carmelo Clavero & Francisco GasparSpanishCalculationMathematics
Anthropocene, was generated by the laziness and human egocentrismCarlos Arturo Blandón JaramilloSpanishSocial responsabilitySocial responsability
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: UMLSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Software EngineeringSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Sequence diagramSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Class diagramSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Activities DiagramSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Object Oriented Design ConceptsSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Concepts of AnalysisSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Advanced Concepts of Object OrientationSandra Victoria Hurtado GilSpanishADOOSystems engineer
Analysis and Design of an Information Security Management System Based on the ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 Standard for a Production and Marketing Company of Mass Consumption ProductsHans Ryan Espinoza AguinagaSpanishSecuritySystems engineer
The Multivariate Analysis: Basic ConceptsJoaquín Aldas ManzanoSpanishData miningSystems engineer
Analysis of ISO / IEC 27001. Design and Implementation in a Company's networkCesar Andrés Sandoval VargasSpanishSecuritySystems engineer
The Cluster AnalysisJoaquín Aldas ManzanoSpanishData miningSystems engineer
Aligning Cobit 4.1, ITIL v3 and ISO 27002 for the benefit of the companyGovernance InstituteSpanishComputer Audit, Quality, Reliability, Internal Control, Governance, Integrity, Reference Framework, Risks, SecuritySystems engineer
Linear Algebra 6th EditionStanley I. GrossmanSpanishLinear algebraMathematics
Baldor algebraAurelio BaldorSpanishMathematicsMathematics
Australian Standard Risk ManagementAS/NZS 4360:1999SpanishRisksAdministration
A Practical Example of Applying Attribute-Driven Design (ADD), Version 2.0William G. WoodEnglishSoftware ArchitectureSystems engineer
.NET Application Architecture Guide, 2nd EditionMicrosoftEnglishSoftware ArchitectureSystems engineer
Do you need a code of ethics in computing?José Manuel García CarrascoSpanishComputer Auditing, Ethics, Research, Social ResponsibilitySystems engineer

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